Saggio Ristorante

About Saggio

Ristorante Saggio is the latest culinary establishment added to the charming Ehden scene. The restaurant offers international cuisine with particular focus on Italian food and speciality coffee. High quality food at affordable prices is now possible, all in a premium location that speaks to all.

Visit Saggio for a family gathering, a friendly reunion, or a romantic dinner. We promise you nothing less than an unforgettable experience.

Taste the Difference

Ristorante Saggio takes generosity, freshness, and attention to detail seriously. And the people behind the restaurant are distinctively passionate about cooking. So no compromises on quality or taste. The only compromise is on high prices.

Visit Saggio to indulge in what Italian cuisine has best to offer. You’ll start speaking Italian by the end of your meal.

From Australia back Home

Ristorante Saggio is the latest restaurant opened by Ehden native Joe Karam. The seasoned restaurateur is at his fourth restaurant, having already established three other restaurants in Australia - The Boat Deck Cafe, Balthazar Italian Cafe and Pizzeria, and Cafe Verdi.

Visit Saggio and have a taste for a man’s longing to his homeland. We’re willing to bet that it will become your home away from home.

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